Month: February 2015

World War ¥€$

  • Fed, Markets
  • Charlie Bilello

In a world of slowing growth, currency debasement has become the economic weapon of choice. In the last month alone, we have seen central banking easing measures announced in Romania, India, Switzerland, Egypt, Peru, Denmark, Turkey, Canada, the Eurozone (QE), Pakistan, Albania, Russia, Australia, and China. More cuts are on the way, we are told, […]

Dr. Yellen’s First Test

  • Fed
  • Charlie Bilello

It has been a year since Janet Yellen took over as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, a position widely regarded as one of the most powerful and influential in all the world. It was a remarkably calm first year for Dr. Yellen, which stands in stark contrast to the experience of her predecessors. In fact, each of […]