Month: November 2015

Market to Fed: Plata o Plomo?

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  • Charlie Bilello

In “Narcos,” the Netflix show chronicling the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar, there is a gripping scene in the first episode that sets the stage for the entire series. When stopped at a bridge crossing by Colombian authorities, Escobar gives them a choice: “Plata (Silver, take the bribe) o Plomo (Lead, take the bullets)?” […]

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Donald Trump made headlines this week in accusing Janet Yellen and the Fed of keeping interest rates low to help President Obama. Said Trump: “And in my opinion Janet Yellen is highly political and she’s not raising rates for a very specific reason: because Obama told her not to because he wants to be out […]

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Coming into the year, this question would have been dismissed as absurd. As I wrote back in January, the prevailing view in early 2015 was that U.S. growth was set to accelerate and that the U.S. was “decoupling” from the world. Challenging that viewpoint, I wrote the following: “Collectively, these factors suggest that the U.S. […]