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Few assets in markets generate as much love and hate as Silver. There’s not a day that goes by without a multitude of extreme predictions on where the metallic element is going. After Silver has had a sharp rally or sell-off, these predictions only intensify as emotions run wild. We are in one of those […]

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Do commodities enhance a typical 60/40 (stock/bond) portfolio? That depends on a) who you ask, b) when you ask them, c) how you define “enhance,” and d) how you define “commodities.” In 2005, Gorton and Rouwenhorst found that an equally-weighted index of commodity futures (from July 1959 to December 2004) had historically produced the “same […]

The Metal That Failed Economics

Dr. Copper, Dr. Copper, Dr. Copper… Can we please stop with the “Dr. Copper” references? Not only does Copper not deserve a PhD in economics, by any unbiased measure it has failed Economics 101. Why? Repeat after me: because the direction of Copper by itself tells you nothing about the U.S. economy or the U.S. […]

“Know what you own, and know why you own it.” – Peter Lynch 1. What do you own? 2. Why do you own it? 3. How long do you plan on holding it for? So simple, it seems, but there are many investors who cannot answer these three most basic questions. At the end of […]