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When Stocks and Bonds Go Down Together

High on the list of the greatest fears among investors is a scenario in which stocks and bonds go down together. Last week those fears were realized when the S&P 500 (SPY) suffered its worst week since January 2016 while long-term Treasury bonds (TLT) also declined. Source Data: Pension Partners, YCharts This was an unusual […]

Will Yields Break on Through to the Other Side?

Bond yields appear to be at a crossroads. At 2.83%, the 10-Year Treasury yield is now at its highest level in over four years. It is also at the upper end of a downtrend channel that has been in place since the mid-1980s. Source: Pension Partners, The question all investors are asking: will yields […]

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2017: The Year in Charts

These are the charts and themes that tell the story of 2017… I. The Year Volatility Died There’s an old saying that goes something like this: “the market has a tendency to move in a fashion that inflicts the most pain on the most participants.” After the election in November 2016, the most prominent market […]

The Uncertainty Principle in Markets

As an investor, what do you prefer: certainty or uncertainty? Certainty, of course. We all do. When things seem certain, the future looks bright and we embrace risk taking. When things seem uncertain, it’s hard to imagine things ever getting better, and we shun risk at all costs. But is there really such a thing […]

One of the Most Overbought Markets in History

The Dow is trading at one of its most overbought levels in history. At 87.61, its 14-day RSI is higher than 99.999% of historical readings going back to 1900. Out of 30,914 trading days, that’s good for top 10 all-time. Sell everything? If only it were that simple. Going back to 1900, the evidence suggests […]

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