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Our November Market Perspectives Webinar included a discussion of the following research topics: The End of Easy Money Are Interest Rates Approaching the Breaking Point? Why Are Stocks Going Down? “Markets in Turmoil” The 5 Kinds of Bounces Top Tweets Charlie’s Winter Reading List The Most Important Charts/Themes to Watch Click the link below for […]

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The 5 Kinds of Bounces

In a little over a month, the S&P 500 has declined more than 11%, giving back all of its gains on the year. This is the largest decline since … well, earlier this year. Corrections in markets are the norm, not the exception. Since March 2009, there have been 23 of them… That said, all […]

Fear is in the air again. Over the past few weeks, the S&P 500, Dow, and Russell 2000 have given back all of their gains on the year. Note: Index price returns, does not include dividends. Meanwhile, international indices have fared much worse, with the average country ETF down 14% year-to-date. Note: Total return, in U.S. […]

Why Are Stocks Going Down?

Stocks are falling and you want to know why. You’re not alone; we all do. Our need to explain things is innate. A random walk down Wall Street simply doesn’t suffice. We want something more tangible, something in the news, something non-random. There are no shortage of explanations for the recent decline. Take your pick: […]

In markets, we often hear of these precise levels, beyond which everything is said to unravel.  The so-called “breaking point.” Their allure is undeniable. If such a point existed, one could fully prepare for it in advance, exiting unscathed before the stampede of the masses. Over the past few years, the most popular “breaking points” have […]