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*Join us for “The Most Interesting Charts of 2016” Webcast Tuesday, December 20th at 4:15pm EST/1:15pm PST.  Register HERE ——————————- From the Blog: There can be no standardized path to excellence in a field that is so heavily dictated by chance. Whether you believe the markets are perfectly efficient and follow a purely random walk […]

Check out Ed Dempsey’s interviews below.

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Ed Dempsey Featured in Forbes

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Ed Dempsey, Chief Investment Officer of Pension Partners, is interviewed by Forbes for his thoughts on Brexit, Europe, and more.  Visit

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This Needs to STOP!

*Ed Dempsey and Charlie Bilello will be doing a live market review webinar Tuesday, July 26th at 4:15 PM EST (click here to register) *Beta Rotation Index remains in offense mode (click here for why this matters) *Follow us on our Facebook page (click here to visit). “The only thing we have to fear is […]

Pure Insanity

“In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” – Friedrich Nietzsche Can we all just step back for a moment and consider the complete insanity that is gripping markets? December ended with the first Fed interest rate hike in nearly a decade after years of talk that […]