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Does the S&P Need Higher Oil?

Crude Oil is crashing again, down 36% from its high in early October. With the S&P 500 moving lower in tandem during October (11% correction), part of the blame was placed on lower Oil prices. If only Oil prices had not collapsed, some pundits argued, stocks would be hitting new highs. How accurate is this […]

Do All Leveraged ETFs Go to Zero?

When it comes to leveraged ETFs, two of the more popular myths are as follows: “They all go to 0 over time.” “If you hold them for more than a few days, you will lose money.” Fact or Fiction? You be the judge… The 3x Long Nasdaq 100 ETF (TQQQ) was launched in February 2010, […]

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US Consumers are feeling pretty confident these days. A survey just released by the conference board showed the highest reading since October 2000. At a level of 133.4, consumers are more confident today than 94% of historical readings going back to 1967. Data Source for all charts/tables herein: Conference Board, Bloomberg If you asked the […]

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Copper is said hold a PhD in economics, its price movements containing key information about the U.S. stock market and the economy. With the sharp decline in the metal of late (52-week low, down 17% YTD), many are suggesting this is a negative omen. Does the historical record confirm this assertion? Let’s take a look. […]

Buy in May and Stay Invested

It is their job to entertain. It is your job to ignore… “Sell in May and Go Away.” Perhaps the catchiest of all market sayings and one we hear repeated year after year. But how has it actually served investors over the years? Let’s take a look. Since 1928, the S&P 500 returns from May […]

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