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How to Lose 40% in a Day

Want to learn how to lose 40% in a single trading day? Good. This post is for you. Losing 40% or more in a day was always possible using futures and options, but before June 2006 it was nearly impossible to do so using an exchange-traded fund (ETF). What happened in June 2006? The first […]

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Leveraged ETF Myths

“Myths nourish science, and science nourishes myths.” – Carlo Rovelli (Seven Brief Lesson on Physics) When it comes to leveraged ETFs, two of the more popular myths are as follows: “They all go to 0 over time.” “If you hold them for more than a day, you will lose money.” Fact or Fiction? You be […]

Content, Curation, and Community

StockTwits held the first-ever Cashtag Awards last night in NYC and I was honored to receive their “Person of the Year” award. .@howardlindzon and @ReformedBroker presenting first annual #cashtag awards #StocktoberfestEast — Ian Rosen (@ianrosen) March 30, 2017 When people ask me about StockTwits, three words come to mind: content, curation, and community. In […]

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Slides from our March Markets Webinar… Pension Partners – Markets Call – March 2017 Replay: This webinar is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation to buy, or a recommendation regarding any securities transaction, or as an offer to provide advisory or other services by Pension Partners, LLC […]

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The Fed raised interest rates this week for the third time since December 2015. This has many investors concerned about the impact on the stock market. Monetary policy has been abnormally easy for years now while stock market returns have been strong, leading many to conclude that the opposite situation could be problematic. While that […]

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