Stop Searching for the Holy Grail

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In a recent post, I came to the following conclusion: “the notion that simply ‘following the trend’ in Gold will lead to vast riches is a false one.” I made this statement after analyzing a simple trend following system (going back to 1975), using the 200-day moving average as a signal of when to get […]

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Junk Bond Myths

What are high yield bonds? I don’t mean the textbook definition (corporate bonds with a credit rating below BBB), but how they actually behave in terms of risk and return. In attempting to answer this question, let’s address some common myths surrounding the asset class affectionately known as “junk bonds.” Myth #1: High Yield Bonds […]

Are Trend Following and Gold a Perfect Match?

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Market participants are often heard saying things like “you can’t trade Gold on fundamentals.” With no cash flows to discount, Gold is a different animal than stocks or bonds. It is said to swing higher and lower due to changes in investor sentiment alone. Many a trader will advise you to simply follow the trend: […]

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The Uncertainty Principle in Markets

As an investor, what do you prefer: certainty or uncertainty? Certainty, of course. We all do. When things seem certain, the future looks bright and we embrace risk taking. When things seem uncertain, it’s hard to imagine things ever getting better, and we shun risk at all costs. But is there really such a thing […]

Delivering Negative Alpha

“No matter how you “slice-and-dice the data,” hedge funds are struggling to meet their promise to clients to consistently produce high returns with low correlation to markets. It’s kind of: ‘I promise you a Rolls Royce and I give you a Honda.’” – Matt Granade, Chief Market Intelligence Officer, Point72 Asset Management There are more Hedge […]

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